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History of Devzart Technologies

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In January 2008 a group of talented minds founded Devzart Technologies. Their intension was to establish a company that uphold all the rules and ethics of client relationship and ownership combined with professionalism to provide each customer complete business solution. Thanks for the team effort of talented friends Devzart Technologies has become one of Asia’s Finest established IT service providing company with its main corporate office in India.

Now to define what "Devzart" is, the word is a combination of Sanskrit word "Deva" and English word "Art" combining them it means "The Art of God". From 2009 on, the company has maintained a balance between its organic growth and growth through acquisition.

We started providing Total business solution packages and web hosting service, including more and more exciting offers and 100% customer satisfaction. We have proven to be the most trustable company with professionals who are able to provide our clients a round table approach by knowing their needs and delivering the product on-time with perfection guaranteed.

History Timeline

Getting Prepared

We Launched our own Market place with multi vendor a""
Purposeful Branding
We started concentrating in providing purpose based branding and consultancy service to our customers
Search Engine Optimization
Started Business promotion campaigns which include online branding, SEO along with SMM service
Mobile Application Development
Expanded our team so as to spread our wings in to the new evolving era of User Interface
Hospital Management Software
Developed the best Hospital Management software for helping & automating hospitals
Customis ERP Solution
Developed Custom Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for business management
Start Up
We started providing business support throughout India

Proud Clientele